Jewellery Wholesale do provide the fashion jewellery wholesale for local retailers. The wholesale is quite different from retail. All the orders minimum unit is 1 lot. Depending on the jewellery size and weight. Earrings is 100 pieces per lot, and silver bracelets start from 10 pieces per lot.

Delivery and Processing for Wholesale Jewellery

More than 95% jewellery is manufactured in China. So the shipping time from China to Singapore is 30 days by Air Mail. If you want fast delivery. The EMS and Fedex will be a good choice. Shipping Cost will be triple of Air Mail.

Some jeweleries need extra processing time. The minimum processing time is 3 days, and maximum can be 30 days. Together with shipping duration. The longest time can be 60 days.

So, please contact us before you prepare order large quantity of jewellery.

JewellerySG is one of the largest online wholesale jewellery store in Singapore.