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History of Friendship Bracelets

The basic idea of friendship bracelet is very simple. for presenting friends’ love, one is for your friend, and another one wearing on yourself. The traditional friendship bracelet is less of design, and used for sailors for lone trip. So the knot on the bracelet is sailor knots. Old bracelet has no means of friendship.

Modern friendship bracelet is full of colorful knots. The idea is sparked from way of giving this bracelet. One of others, one for the givers. That’s become the close friend’s gifts which mean’s the two person has strong friendship like the knots on the bracelet. The long lace always at the end of bracelet, means your friendship will be long forever. Take out the bracelet in front of the giver’s face is very rude, because that means you are not recognize he or she is your best friend.

The friendship bracelet is symbol of close, or best friends, especially in the central of America. That’s become the American culture after 1960s. Now the friendship bracelet is very popular in the world. That becomes one of the most important gift for friends.

If you have a friend who will go to overseas for a long time cannot see. Friendship bracelet will be a great gift for him or her.
friendship bracelet

Friendship Bracelet Features

  • Material: weave rope string
  • Length: 16cm Adjustable
  • Color: color mixed
  • Free delivery for Local Singapore

friendship bracelets

Friendship Bracelet Reviews

64 Customer left the positive reviews. 50 Customer left 5 star ratings.
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